Issue 7

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The seventh issue of Crime Factory, with exclusive content provided by Sean Doolittle (Lake Country; The Cleanup); F. Paul Wilson (The Keep; Secret Histories); Jordan Harper (TV’s The Mentalist); David Whish-Wilson (Line Of Sight; Zero to the Bone); Nik Korpon (Stay God; Old Ghosts); Joelle Charbonneau (Skating On The Edge; Murder For Choir); features by Jon Ashley; Pete Risley; Andrew Nette; Peter “Nerd Of Noir” Dragovich; Mitch Tillison; Audrey Homan; and fiction by Matthew C. Funk; Richard Thomas; Todd Robinson; Guinotte Wise; Frank Wheeler; James Peak; Edward A. Grainger; Derek Kelly; Don Lafferty; Mark Richardson; Nathan Cain and Finbarr McCarthy.


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