Special Edition: Kung Fu Factory

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Our fight-flavoured special edition, jam-packed with exclusive goodness from Christa Faust (Choke Hold; Money Shot); Anthony Neil Smith (Yellow Medicine; All The Young Warriors); Duane Swierczynski (DC comics’ Birds Of Prey; Fun and Games); Frank Bill (Crimes In Southern Indiana); articles by Addam Duke; Liam José; Peter “Nerd of Noir” Dragovich; fiction by Joshua Reynolds; Matthew McBride; Michael S. Chong; Cameron Ashley; Jimmy Callaway; Chris LaTray; Garnett Elliott and Bryon Quertermous.




Get this gorgeous thing in PRINT for just $8.99.




  1. Scott Harbison says:

    Reading Kung Fu Factory right now! Loving the stories. Faves so far are Smith’s Crotch Rockets, and Bill’s The Jade Fist Bounty and Ashley’s Four Fists of the Zygote!

  2. Thanks Scott! Glad you’re enjoying it — it’s a fave of ours, for sure.