Special Edition: PINK FACTORY

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Crime Factory Publications brings you PINK FACTORY – the sex/smut/erotica issue you’ve been waiting for.

We’ve gotta recommend getting this in PRINT (RIGHT HERE) – as it looks great. This thing looks like an old porn magazine (only fancier). It’s pretty special, if we’re allowed to say so! (And a quick round of applause for our designer extraordinaire, Luci Everett!)

But it is of course available in Kindle and PDF, if you’re so inclined.

(This is enrolled in the Amazon/Kindle MatchBook program, meaning if you buy the print copy from Amazon, you get the Kindle FREE!)




Containing fiction, articles, interviews, art and all the sexy things you can hang a merkin on!

-A biography of the life of Bodil Joensen, star of the most notorious beastiality film of all time, Animal Farm, by Michelle Alexander.

-A review and history (plus download link!) of the erotica lounge album recorded by pinky violence queen Reiko Ike.

-A look at Body Heat as a critique of film noir gender roles by Ryan K Lindsay.

-Steve Peacock shares his memories of working as hotel security and his dealings there with sex workers.

-The most thorough history of “bukkake” that has ever been written.

-A biography of the life and work of smut starlet Rene Bond, by John Harrison.

-Engel Schmidl recalls when he met Russ Meyer actress Kitten Natividad.

-A history of the publication of pulp smut and erotica by our expert in all these things, Andrew Nette.

-And a look at the role and representation of the masculine in the bodies of our heroes from Herakles to Bad Boys 2.

-Plus – people from all sorts of sexual backgrounds and lifestyles talk about it in their own words.

If that wasn’t enough, we have some of the finest fiction to ever grace these pages, by the likes of:
-Criseyda Lake
-Louis Bravos
-Julia Madeleine
-L. Scott Jose
-Michael S. Chong
-C. Cairo Cage
-Paul Heatley
-Gin Oliver, and
-Kieran Shea

We know, right? That’s pretty epic. It’s lovely.

Lock the door, dim the lights, and get ready for some sexy reading!