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Lupo Danish Never Has Nightmares
By Jimmy Callaway

LUPO DANISH NEVER HAS NIGHTMARES is the debut novel from San Diego-based writer and stand-up comedian, Jimmy Callaway, and the first full-length novel from Crime Factory Publications.
Available in both print and eBook.


With great power comes great dysfunction.

Lupo Danish is the most feared man in organized crime. Tales of his exploits are told in hushed whispers around mobbed-up campfires. But when terror strikes gangland, there is only one man capable of battling with monsters, for he has already become one himself. A furious blend of Beowulf and Amazing Fantasy #15, Lupo Danish Never Has Nightmares is a tale of guilt, retribution, and punching. Lots and lots of punching.

Lupo Danish never botches a job. Lupo Danish never misses his mark. And Lupo Danish never has nightmares.

“Clearly, something is wrong with Jimmy Callaway, but for the moment that something has served him well. ‘Lupo Danish Never Has Nightmares’ may result in the reader having a few of those, the good kind that keep you looking over your shoulder the next day, expecting something half-remembered to leap out of the shadows. Read it or miss out on a first-rate debut by a very sick mind.”
– Scott Phillips, author of THE ICE HARVEST

“You feel that? Those are Jimmy Callaway’s fingers firmly grasping the handle of the stick up the butt of contemporary crime fiction. Don’t twitch. Callaway is a sick puppy and here’s hoping that Lupo Danish spreads like an infectious cough among us.”
–Jedidiah Ayres, author of PECKERWOOD and FIERCE BITCHES

“Lupo Danish may never have, but I had a couple reading this. It’s a bloody, brilliant, and terrifying book. It’ll make you want to laugh, cry, and maybe walk through a plate glass window just to get it out of your head.”
–Benjamin Whitmer, author of CRY FATHER and PIKE
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