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CRIME FACTORY was first launched in 2000 by Melbourne-based editor David Honeybone. Over the course of nine issues, the print-only hardboiled/noir magazine was sold by subscription all over the world and could be also found in select indie bookshops. Honeybone pulled the plug in 2003 and the Factory gathered dust until 2010, when original CF contributor and Honeybone-conspirator Cameron Ashley, along with Liam José and Keith Rawson, relaunched the zine as an online PDF, before moving into e-reader formats and print on demand.

A number of specials, including fight noir special, KUNG FU FACTORY, and horror-themed HORROR FACTORY have been released, and proved to be so popular that differently-themed special issues will be also forthcoming.

In late 2011, Rawson stepped down and contributors Andrew Nette and Jimmy Callaway stepped up into editorial roles and, with the spectre of Honeybone looming large, this crew moved to these bigger, fancier cyber-digs.

With the help of an armada of talented contributors (from the freshest face on the scene to the most grizzled of noir vets) Crime Factory is expanding in ways unforeseen in the recent past and remains more committed than ever to bringing you the finest in uncompromising  dark fiction, features, interviews and reviews in a multitude of formats.

In early 2012, Crime Factory became CRIME FACTORY PUBLICATIONS, a legit-o-mite publishing house, that kicked off their publishing arm with the Australian edition of their anthology CRIME FACTORY: THE FIRST SHIFT, with original stories by writers including Ken Bruen, Dave Zeltserman, Ray Banks, Frank Bill, Adrian McKinty and more.

Following this, Crime Factory Publications put together CRIME FACTORY: HARD LABOUR, an anthology of all-Australian noir. The book is an embarrassment of fine talent, with veterans of Australian crime like Garry Disher, Peter Corris, Leigh Redhead, David Whish-Wilson, Adrian McKinty and Angela Savage, along with some of the most respected rising stars from the country.

Beyond this, Crime Factory, the magazine, was awarded the “Magazine of the Year” award by Spinetingler Magazine, as well as one of David James Keaton’s stories that we ran being named story of the year.

Now, in 2013, Crime Factory are attempting their most ambitious year yet. The start of March sees to simultaneous launch of two books. LEE, an anthology of fiction based on the life of legendary Hollywood actor Lee Marvin, that features stories by internationally acclaimed writers such as Scott Phillips, Johnny Shaw, Jake Hinkson, Heath Lowrance, Roger Smith and many more.

At the same time, CFP is beginning its new SINGLE SHOT line of novellas, with the excellent FIERCE BITCHES by acclaimed US writer Jedidiah Ayres. Fierce Bitches has already attracted considerable acclaim, with many reviews already hailing it as the best book of the year.

Beyond this, CFP will be announcing a number of other special projects and books to be released throughout the year, including the next Single Shot novellas, all while continuing to produce their award-winning magazine.

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