Crime Factory 19

The prophecised day is upon us – Crime Factory 19 is here! First up – go grab this sucker in GLORIOUS PRINT HERE, it is the ultimate format for reading your smut fix (and you can get a free digital copy to accompany it if you do). From the usual band of miscreants, reprobates and [...]

Crime Factory 18 is out now!

The eighteenth issue of award-winning noir journal, CRIME FACTORY, is here! Grab it in its true form in PRINT, RIGHT HERE! (If you buy the print edition, you can get a free copy of the Kindle via Amazon after purchase). Otherwise, grab the Kindle or PDF here: What’s in it? We’re glad you asked! FICTION! FICTION! FICTION! [...]

Crime Factory Issue #17 – OUT NOW

Issue #17 of the noir journal CRIME FACTORY is available now. This is our biggest issue yet, and as with last issue, with our redesign, we recommend you get this bad boy in print (which you can get RIGHT HERE – if you purchase in print, you can get a free copy of the kindle [...]

Crime Factory Issue 16 – OUT NOW!

The sixteenth issue of the award-winning magazine, CRIME FACTORY, available in PDF or Kindle. We really recommend going for PRINT [CLICK HERE] with this issue, though, as it looks GORGEOUS!   (After purchasing, you will be redirected to the site with the download link.)   In this issue, Crime Factory chats with comics megastar GARTH [...]

Buy FREIGHT by Ed Kurtz

Crime Factory is pleased to announce the release of FREIGHT, our new Single Shot novella by Texan author Ed Kurtz. FREIGHT launched in print on Monday October 13th, 2014, and is now available for order (ebook also available below).   To Enoch and Doc, two down and out men working as railway brakemen in an [...]

Special Edition: PINK FACTORY

Crime Factory Publications brings you PINK FACTORY – the sex/smut/erotica issue you’ve been waiting for. We’ve gotta recommend getting this in PRINT (RIGHT HERE) – as it looks great. This thing looks like an old porn magazine (only fancier). It’s pretty special, if we’re allowed to say so! (And a quick round of applause for [...]

Crime Factory Issue 15

And so, as the dark prophecies foretold, that when the white crow flies atop the tower of Babel, and the blood of the ancients’ boils in the Salton Sea, that there will be no room left in hell, and it will spit forth the fifteenth issue of the award-winning noir journal, Crime Factory. Get all [...]

Buy SAINT HOMICIDE By Jake Hinkson

EBook now available below.   “The other inmates call him Saint Homicide, the murderous man of God who heeded the voice of wrath when it told him to do the unthinkable. Many consider him a fanatic. Others see him as a prophet. And some simply think he’s insane. Here, he tells his story.”   Crime [...]


From Crime Factory Publications comes issue 14 of their award-winning noir journal. The best way to read it is in the highly affordable print edition. Grab it in PRINT RIGHT HERE.   If you want some sweet digital lovin’, you can grab the Kindle or PDF straight from the horse’s cloaca right here:     [...]


Melbournites! This Tuesday the 14th of May, CRIME FACTORY PRODUCTIONS is proud to be teaming up with CINECULT 303 for a screening of the insanity which is the Lee Marvin classic, PRIME CUT. Come along, 7pm, at 303 High St, Northcote. This film is batshit crazy in all the right ways, and gives you all [...]