BLOG: Crime Without Borders

CRIME WITHOUT BORDERS   I just started reading a book written by a Canadian that takes place in Toronto and it struck me that I barely noticed the change in scenery. Here in America we are known as being self-centered jingoistic snobs about the rest of the world. I’m not sure, but I’d bet most [...]

BLOG: Shooting Off About Guns

Shooting off about Guns by Eric Beetner Here’s my dilemma: I don’t care for guns. They make me nervous. I think the streets would be safer without them. I’d never have one in my house. Perfectly fine, you say. I’ll never be elected to public office with views like that but that’s not the issue [...]

BLOG: Don’t Write What You Know

Some Unsolicited Advice Regarding Advice by Eric Beetner The worst writing advice ever is also probably the most common: Write what you know. For anyone out there thinking of writing that amazing novel you know lives inside you, please, for the love of all that is Holy, DO NOT WRITE WHAT YOU KNOW. Make something [...]

BLOG: Death of the Femme Fatale

DEATH OF THE FEMME FATALE The classic Femme Fatale is dead. She lays face down on the carpet of crime fiction and standing in the doorway, gun curling smoke from the barrel, is the killer. Feminism. Now, don’t get me wrong, I like women. I love the fact that my wife and my daughters have [...]

BLOG: What You’ll Be Reading This Year

You are in for a treat in 2012. I can say this with a fair amount of accuracy since I have three great books that don’t come out until then and you will want to know about them. Why don’t I tell you about them right now? Great idea! Let’s start with Abide With Me [...]