BLOG: Pulp Friction

Pulp Friction By Ray Banks Sometimes I get cranky when I read reviews. Not because they’re necessarily bad (you’re entitled to your opinion if it’s well-reasoned; otherwise you can experience my cackling scorn and fuck off while you’re doing it), but because they rely on lazy language. Certain review buzzwords have a way of making [...]

BLOG: Crime Sleeper Double Feature

Crime Sleeper Double Feature: Larceny, Lies and Lefse: Daniel Espinosa’s Easy Money (2010) and Morten Tyldum’s Headhunters (2011) Yes, this edition of the Crime Sleeper Double Feature showcases a couple of “readin’ movies,” but I have faith in you, dear reader, I think you’ll manage just fine regardless.  As I’ve said over and over again, [...]

BLOG: Punching In at the Watering Hole: Fat City and the Alcoholism Film

John Huston is no stranger to the crime film fan.  He directed The Maltese Falcon and The Asphalt Jungle, films that defined the private eye and heist films, whose influence is felt even today.  He played Noah Cross, the snarling creepy millionaire villain of Chinatown, which in the Nerd’s decidedly un-humble opinion is the best [...]

BLOG: The Transgression of Brother Willeford

The Transgression of Brother Willeford Transgressive fiction is one of those genre labels guaranteed to leave a bad taste in my mouth. It’s a type of fiction characterised by graphic depiction of taboo-breaking behaviour including drug abuse, violence, sexual deviancy (basically non-vanilla sexual activity) and – in the case of American Psycho, anyway – an [...]

BLOG: Crime Without Borders

CRIME WITHOUT BORDERS   I just started reading a book written by a Canadian that takes place in Toronto and it struck me that I barely noticed the change in scenery. Here in America we are known as being self-centered jingoistic snobs about the rest of the world. I’m not sure, but I’d bet most [...]

BLOG: The REAL Shit: Down to the Bone and the Drug Addiction Film

The REAL Shit: Down to the Bone and the Drug Addiction Film The depiction of drug addiction in film has lead to some truly harrowing scenes over the years.  Think of Trainspotting, where heroin junkie Rent dries out in his childhood bedroom with the door locked from the outside, his dope sickness coming on with [...]

BLOG: Hands Across the Ocean

Hands Across the Ocean Ask me what my favourite British crime movie is, and you’re likely to get a rather guilty pause before I answer. You see, anyone with connections to the North East of England is supposed to say Get Carter. It’s kind of hardwired into the northern cultural consciousness. But the reality is [...]

GUEST BLOG: Julia Madeleine – The Seduction of Violence

The Seduction of Violence By Julia Madeleine I like violence. I like it in movies, on my TV and in books. I like MMA fighting. It gives me an adrenaline rush, increases my heart rate, has me holding my breath, my entire body tensing. I like Jason Statham, old marital arts movies with Bruce Lee, [...]

BLOG: Ben Wheatley’s Kill List and My Unsettling Films List

Ben Wheatley’s Kill List and My Unsettling Films List Late last night I attended a packed screening of Kill List and to say that it fucked me up is to put it tres-fucking-mildly. Wheatley’s debut film Down Terrace is one of the true sleepers of the last decade, a crime film by turns loose and [...]

BLOG: Shooting Off About Guns

Shooting off about Guns by Eric Beetner Here’s my dilemma: I don’t care for guns. They make me nervous. I think the streets would be safer without them. I’d never have one in my house. Perfectly fine, you say. I’ll never be elected to public office with views like that but that’s not the issue [...]