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Crime Factory Publications has eight books currently available for purchase.


*RETAILERS: CONTACT US about wholesale rates for multiple copy purchases. Our margins are slim, but we want our books in your store, so we will do what we can.*

*ORDERING MULTIPLE COPIES?: Please contact us if ordering multiple copies prior to purchase and we will adjust postage as best as we can.*


Lupo Danish Never Has Nightmares novel


Lupo Danish Never Has Nightmares
By Jimmy Callaway

LUPO DANISH NEVER HAS NIGHTMARES is the debut novel from San Diego-based writer and stand-up comedian, Jimmy Callaway, and the first full-length novel from Crime Factory Publications.
Available in both print and eBook.


With great power comes great dysfunction.

Lupo Danish is the most feared man in organized crime. Tales of his exploits are told in hushed whispers around mobbed-up campfires. But when terror strikes gangland, there is only one man capable of battling with monsters, for he has already become one himself. A furious blend of Beowulf and Amazing Fantasy #15, Lupo Danish Never Has Nightmares is a tale of guilt, retribution, and punching. Lots and lots of punching.

Lupo Danish never botches a job. Lupo Danish never misses his mark. And Lupo Danish never has nightmares.

“Clearly, something is wrong with Jimmy Callaway, but for the moment that something has served him well. ‘Lupo Danish Never Has Nightmares’ may result in the reader having a few of those, the good kind that keep you looking over your shoulder the next day, expecting something half-remembered to leap out of the shadows. Read it or miss out on a first-rate debut by a very sick mind.”
– Scott Phillips, author of THE ICE HARVEST

“You feel that? Those are Jimmy Callaway’s fingers firmly grasping the handle of the stick up the butt of contemporary crime fiction. Don’t twitch. Callaway is a sick puppy and here’s hoping that Lupo Danish spreads like an infectious cough among us.”
–Jedidiah Ayres, author of PECKERWOOD and FIERCE BITCHES

“Lupo Danish may never have, but I had a couple reading this. It’s a bloody, brilliant, and terrifying book. It’ll make you want to laugh, cry, and maybe walk through a plate glass window just to get it out of your head.”
–Benjamin Whitmer, author of CRY FATHER and PIKE


Buy Lupo Danish Never Has Nightmares in glorious PRINT HERE.


Buy Lupo Danish Never Has Nightmares eBook:


Double Exposure novella


By Kat Clay

Double Exposure by Kat Clay

1948 Portvieux City. A scandal photographer shoots a brutally murdered woman through his lens.

But only he can see her.

As the Photographer uncovers the truth about the invisible woman, he delves into the seedy city, where a missing photographer leaves a legacy of lust, and the border between dreams and reality slowly dissolves like a negative in acid.


“Pulpy noir with a spectral twist; really good stuff.”

-Lindy Cameron, Sisters in Crime


“Poetic, cinematic, and hell of a lot of fun, Double Exposure is a love letter to hardboiled’s dirty past that never lets us forget the urgency of the present. Kat Clay writes like a weapon, an author whose pen takes no shit from anyone.”





Australian Orders - $10.00(AUD) + $3.20(AUD) P&H
Rest of the World Orders - $10.00(AUD) + $8.20(AUD) P&H




Freight novella

By Ed Kurtz


To Enoch and Doc, two down and out men working as railway brakemen in an impoverished Texas town, it seemed like a simple enough heist: steal the copper wire off a train in the middle of the night.

But the carriage contains more than metal. Soon lives are at stake and an unfathomable evil has to be dealt with. And there is no one in Blackwood, Texas for the job but a no-account ex-con.


“Heartbreaking, tragic, moving – all the sights, smells and language of Texas 1973, woven into a classic drifter story.”

-Anonymous-9, author of HARD BITE and BITE HARDER


“In less sure hands, FREIGHT would be an unending train of grief, but Ed Kurtz has this amazing ability to present the darkest corners of society, and then reveal the good and decent human heart that beats underneath.”

-Rob Hart, author of THE LAST SAFE PLACE




Freight Ebook


Freight Paperback

Australian Orders – $10.00(AUD) + $2.20(AUD) P&H
Rest of the World Orders – $10.00(AUD) + $7.20(AUD) P&H



Saint Homicide novella 

Jake Hinkson

By Jake Hinkson

“The other inmates call him Saint Homicide, the murderous man of God who heeded the voice of wrath when it told him to do the unthinkable.

Many consider him a fanatic. Others see him as a prophet. And some simply think he’s insane.

Here, he tells his story.”


A handsome print edition of the novella is now available, with a babein’ Nathanael Scott cover, to class up your bookshelf/replace a photo of a loved one on the mantelpiece.




Saint Homicide eBook


Saint Homicide

Australian Orders – $8.00(AUD) + $2.20(AUD) P&H
Rest of the World Orders – $8.00(AUD) + $7.20(AUD) P&H


LEE (an anthology of fiction based on the life of iconic actor Lee Marvin)Crime Factory

Lee Marvin: one of the most coolly charismatic and extraordinary screen tough guys ever. Armed with a magnetic personality, a wild temper and major acting talent, he went from playing bit parts to starring in classics such as Cat Ballou, The Dirty Dozen and Point Blank, and winning an Academy Award.
Crime Factory celebrates Marvin’s life by making him the star of his own fictional adventures. From WWII hospital ships, mishaps in Mexico, the open seas and Oscar night, to on-set stoushes and much more, LEE ranges from the gleefully gonzo to the painfully personal.

Available in print below, or in the Kindle format HERE.

“This collection of short fiction puts legendary actor Lee Marvin smack dab in the center of the action where he belongs.” — Dwayne Epstein, author of Lee Marvin: Point Blank
“This collection delivers. The writing is pungent, sly and muscular, dark and comic, and all of it has a tremendous energy. A love of film and love of noir is evident in every story. This does Lee proud.” — Christos Tsiolkas, author of The Slap and Dead Europe

All orders processed through PayPal.

Lee – Australian Orders – $14.99(AUD) + $2.90(AUD) P&H

Lee – Rest of the World Orders – $14.99(AUD) + $7.30(AUD) P&H



FIERCE BITCHES by Jedidiah Ayres is now available to order

Across the border lies Politoburg: hell on earth, home to putas, punks and psychos.
Escape is not in the stars, redemption is not in the cards, but reckoning might just be on the menu.
Stand back. The pit is about to spit something back out.

Available in print below, or in Kindle format HERE.

“Powerful stuff. Somewhere between Blood Meridian and Neil Smith’s Hogdoggin’.” — Allan Guthrie
“One of the most beautiful and ambitious pieces of noir I’ve read in a helluva long time.” —
“Nietzsche was right: When you stare into the abyss, the abyss stares right back — and Jedidiah Ayres miraculously manages to write about it.” — J.I. Baker
“Righteous, phantasmagoric and funny, FIERCE BITCHES delivers a fuckload of biblical fury.” — David Whish-Wilson
“Jedidiah Ayres proves with FIERCE BITCHES that noir has a new prince…” — @OzNoir

The first in Crime Factory’s new Single Shot line of novellas, FIERCE BITCHES costs seven bucks, runs a lean 74 pages, packing in enough story for three times that page count, and features a beautiful 1920s-inspired cover by Nathanael Scott that you will want to repeatedly stroke lovingly.

All orders processed through PayPal.

Fierce Bitches – Australian Orders – $7.00(AUD) + $2.20(AUD) P&H

Fierce Bitches – Rest of the World Orders – $7.00(AUD) + $7.20(AUD) P&H


Hard Labour, an all-Australian anthology of noir, hardboiled and pulp, available to purchase in print below, or as a Kindle edition HERE.

From the Land Down Under comes seventeen dark criminal tales, including Garry Disher’s first ever Wyatt story, unpublished for over a decade, and new fiction by Peter Corris, Leigh Redhead, David Whish-Wilson, Adrian McKinty, Angela Savage, Helen Fitzgerald and more – including Greig Johnstone, JJ DeCeglie, Deborah Sheldon, Andrew Prentice, Finbarr McCarthy, Andrez Bergen, Amanda Wrangles, Cameron Ashley, Andrew Nette and Liam José.

“Take a good sharp blade to this collection and let it bleed Aussie noir all over your floor.” – Lindy Cameron, Sisters in Crime, from her foreword

“Wear some headgear people, because the masters and apprentices come out swinging. Australian crime fiction at its grittiest and most compelling.” – Lenny Bartulin, author of De Luxe and The Black Russian

Hard Labour – International Orders – $13.99(AUD) + $12.50(AUD) P&H

Hard Labour – Australian Orders – $13.99(AUD) + $8.00(AUD) P&H

Also available is our first book The First Shift, an international anthology with some of the biggest names in crime fiction today, as well as some up and comers, offer you 28 tales of revulsion, heartbreak, and violence. Welcome to The First Shift.

Purchase it in print below, or HERE for a Kindle edition.

Featuring stories by Ken Bruen, Dave Zeltserman, Ray Banks, Dennis Tafoya, Adrian McKinty, Roger Smith, Frank Bill, Andrew Nette, Jedidiah Ayres, Josh Coverse, Charlie Stella, Greg Bardsley, Hilary Davidson, Kieran Shea, Nate Flexer, Cameron Ashley, Patti Abbot, Jimmy Callaway, Steve Weddle, Craig McDonald, Keith Rawson, Leigh Redhead, Anonymous-9, Jonathan Woods, Liam Jose, Dave White, Chris F. Holm and Scott Wolven.

Please note that we can only process Australian orders for The First Shift on this website. If you are outside Australia and wish to purchase The First Shift there is an edition availble through New Pulp Press.

The First Shift - Australian Orders Only – $13.99(AUD) + $8.00(AUD) P&H

IMPORTANT: If purchasing multiple copies, please contact us for alternate shipping options and prices.